Case Marcosanti

True connoisseurs do not drink wine ...
they taste secrets

Welcome to Case Marcosanti

A winery and a steam locomotive in Poggio Torriana-Rimini

The winery Case Marcosanti is based on a beautiful setting of well-finished vineyards. The winery, owned by the family Antoniacci, combines the love for the land and its fruits with a modern state-of-the-art structure. Typical grapes of the area are gowned on the estate, producing wines of the most authentic tradition of the “Terra Malatesta”: first among everything the Sangiovese di Romagna, along with other historical varieties such as Trebbiano Romagnolo and Albana di Romagna.
Case Marcosanti is both a winery and a suggestive location for events: a wide and wonderful garden houses the Steam Locomotive 740/192. An ideal destination for a journey through time that, thanks to the history and stories of the past, will lead to the discovery of the winery, its modern technology and wine tasting...

  • Confezioni Regalo
    Confezioni Regalo
    E' tempo in cui pensare ai Regali di Natale per le persone a cui vuoi bene. Case Marcosanti è a tua completa disposizione per personalizzare ogni richiesta!

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  • Promo 3x2 Vini Bianchi Fermi
    Promo 3x2 Vini Bianchi Fermi
    Continuano le nostre promozioni sui vini bianchi: qualità e risparmio a Km0.
    Promozione 3x2 su La740 (Rubicone Bianco IGT) e Bag in Box 5Lt. Bianco.

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  • Ancora oggi: Vino sfuso a CaseMarcosanti
    Ancora oggi: Vino sfuso a CaseMarcosanti
    Cantina Vini Case Marcosanti non fa solo vino in bottiglia, ma da sempre è un luogo dove si mantengono vive le tradizioni e la cultura del territorio.

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  • Tasting at the Winery
    Tasting at the Winery
    The Winery Case Marcosanti, with its large porch and the well-finished garden adjacent to the vineyards and the Steam Locomotive 740/192 is perfect for the reception of groups, for tastings and presentations.
    In particular, the quietness of the place, the corporate style and the magic of time travel that only a steam locomotive 900 can transmit, invite you to a wine tasting, ideal to meet any kind of need.

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