Wine Route

Wine Route

The Winery "Case Marcosanti" is part of the "Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini" ("Wine and Taste Route in the hinterland hills of Rimini"). Along with other wineries, mills, farms, restaurants, craft shops, public institutions and associations of the Adriatic beaches, as well as historical villages of the valleys of the "Conca" and "Marecchia", we offer awesomeness and tell the story of a land famous for the innate hospitality of its people.

Travelling along the "Wine and Taste Route" is also a time travel, to discover the legacy that the land left us, to see the colours and smell the scents of the seasons.

Along the road called "La Strada" from Santarcangelo, turning southwest, the route leads to Poggio Torriana, located in a fossiliferous land rich of palaces and nobiliary villas, but as well in water mills, some of them still working. When entering the Valmarecchia village, a powerful building that stands put alone on the hill impresses the visitor. It is the Marcosanti Palace, an ancient fortified farm, dowry of the women of the Malatesta family.

Every landscape is the expression of what nature and man's work created, in every taste there is a sample of the ancient flavour and knowledge.

Wine is one the most famous products of this part of the region, and they become ideal companion in the discovery of the other typical products. Romagna is a small piece of land able to touch every sense and to mark in everybody's memory new stages of a unique and unforgettable journey.

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